Netzwerkkabel – maximal analog

We claim to manufacture absolute Word Class music servers, so the claim to a cable is no less.

A STEREOPLAYER is integrated via a network cable. We had to deal with the topic and find one thing that suits us. One that we can really trust.

We searched for a long time and ultimately decided to take the matter into our own hands. Until we had all the components that seemed suitable and showed in total best performance.

Overall, search, prototyping and tests lasted almost two years.

Ingredients and recipe for an "serious" cable that supports the performance of our music servers in every respect. On the one hand, it must not exist from the purely sonic point of view and of the greatest quality when it comes to transmission speed, interference influence and operational safety.

It may not be interesting for everyone, but maybe no coincidence that all components of the cable come from Germany.

The best connectors that are currently on the world market, an S/FTP cable by a German cable specialist and a natural cable protection sleeve that does not allow static charging. Everything made in Germany. The production is also carried out by hand and with a well -known apolitan claim.

Diese Bauteile und Fertigung sprechen für Qualität, Haltbarkeit und Leistung.

We are happy with the result across the board. We have never seen our STEREOPLAYER better into the network, it is our reference cable and fits perfectly with the STEREOPLAYER.

Of course, our music servers also inspire with every commercially available network cable. It is up to you whether you want to take another step or have already found your personal reference.

Jedes Netzwerkkabel wird mit Leidenschaft von Hand in Deutschland gefertigt. Es ist mit einer Fertigungszeit von einer Woche zu rechnen.

Technical Specifications

Kabel-StandardISO/IEC 11801 Class I
Transmission speed up to2000 MHz


"...kann einfach die Seele der Musik Rüber bringen..."
Cristian G.
Customer Germany
"...wunderbar analog klingend mit top Klangfarben..."
Joachim W.
Customer Austria
"...dieses besondere Atmosphärische zu vermitteln, was den Hörer näher an die Musik heranführt, alles natürlicher und authentischer erscheinen zu lassen..."
Jürgen K.
Customer Germany