About Us

I am responsible for all the words that you can read on this presence. The same applies to the products, about which you can find out more in the same place.

It goes without saying that you want to get an idea of the background that gave birth to this presence. If I were to dig deep and have to describe it in one word, selfishness would probably be the most accurate word.

By the way, my wife would sign that for you without delay. I've disregarded my traits of being a little pedantic here and there, or a little stubborn at times.

It just comes to mind as I was writing about my wife. That reads as hostile to relationships – but these attributes are consistently of great value for the creation of independent, high-quality technology products.

In order to keep my own blare of praise as short as possible, I only outline my vita in a very condensed form, so that you can perhaps still see a true-color overall picture.

I came into contact with music very early and was 12 years old when I was on stage for the first time with a small band made up of boys from my school and neighborhood. We wanted to be stars, no question. It wasn't supposed to be for a variety of reasons, but that didn't stop us from continuing to make music for another 20 years, just out of passion.

If I didn't have anything to do there, I did it at home. I built my first own speakers when I was 14 and many more were to follow.

I would understand other connections later, because my studies in electrical engineering (department of communications engineering) formed interesting interfaces.

Our semi-professional lineup didn't allow for a budget for a technician, so it was me who took care of those issues. What began with the alienation of tube radios to guitar amplifiers led to the band's own 48-channel recording studio with countless microphones, effect devices and kilometers of cables.

Over time, the relationship shifted more and more away from being an active musician to being a purely passive musician.
Which doesn't mean there was nothing more to do there. My listening systems or audio chains changed frequently, and the search for missing information began.
Many years passed before I mused and realized that there wasn't a single "industrial device" left on my rack. Not because I have anything against it in principle.

But every device that I owned or listened to as a test made use of one or more suboptimal auxiliary solutions and I also include numerous audio components in five-digit euro regions.

Over the years, relationships with interesting professionals have developed. Often gurus in an area that sometimes focused on just a tiny tiny part of an audio circuit. But also passionate inventors, enthusiasts who have examined a sub-area of audio technology so meticulously that no manufacturer in the world can and would like to afford it within an economically sensible development.

They are certainly not always innovative concepts, sometimes a 40-year-old one is simply the best.

If I found applications within this circle that I was completely enthusiastic about, I agreed with the relevant developer on using them in my products. For this reason and also because there are still a number of people involved in production who make a finished product possible with skilled hands or precise CNC machines, I speak logically in many places of "we" or "us".

Under these conditions, the equipment in which I express my confidence ultimately grows, the essence of the experiences of the experienced. The equipment that can stay on my rack. Very selfish.

Since I suspect that there may be people who think similarly and have not yet found their dream components, I would like to offer these products. As anti-mainstream, state-of-the-art products with the aforementioned extensive empirical values, passionately staged and manufactured in a quality that I used to love at some large German prestige companies.

Take a look around, discover more information in the descriptions of each product and contact me if you have any questions.

I would be happy if we meet in any way or if you are interested in one of our products.
With this in mind, I wish you a lot of fun on these pages and remain with best regards,
Oliver Winkler